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Women's tours

Today's Woman Traveller is owned and operated by The Travel Broker. Today's Woman Traveller was created in 2002 for women who want to travel in small groups on tours to beautiful places. Our clients are women from Canada and often around the world.

Our women tour passengers are an even mix - single, married, widowed and divorced. Some come with us on their own. Some come with friends or family - mother/daughter or sisters, etc. They range in age from mid 30s to mid 70s. Our usual group size ranges from 6 to 14.

Tours usually feature a specific region of a country with stays of three to five nights in each location. There are daily outings and time for personal exploring, shopping, markets, gardens, galleries, concerts and anything else we want to indulge in. 

Take a look at our current women's tours  - here

One of our passengers said:

"It's amazing how such a 'potluck' group of women can become such good friends in such a short time"   K.H. Mono, ON

We can also create a customized women's tour for you. If you already have a group together and wish to organize a private tour for you and your friends or association, we have the contacts, facilities and expertise to arrange the perfect holiday. Just let us know.



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