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Doris Power

DorisPowerI have a passion for gardening, travelling, art and photography and am excited to be leading garden tours for The Travel Broker and Today's Woman Traveller.

I received my Master Gardener Certificate in March 2013 after completing the Master Gardener Program through the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, now Dalhousie University...

I discovered I had a talent for gardening when I moved to Kingston in 2006 and transformed my treeless and empty backyard into a garden with several beds, five trees and back fence patio...without having any formal gardening education.

During my last course with Dalhousie, I had an opportunity to participate in a credit course called The British Garden which included travel to The Netherlands and the UK to attend The Floriade and tour 18 other gardens.

I've been privileged to present several topics to various horticultural societies as well as the Kingston Seniors Centre; The British Garden, All about Turf, Garden Pests, Beautiful Maui and Hardy & Tender Bulbs.

Come along with me as we explore, learn and soak in the beauty of worldwide landscapes, plants, and gardens.

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