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In the last couple of weeks, since my return from Paris, I've been receiving e-mails and calls from so many of you asking me how our first 'Ladies Getaway to Paris for Christmas' trip went. Well, I'm here to tell you it was absolutely fantastic ... everything we'd hoped for and more.


An artist friend of mine contacted me this past summer to let me know that she had just seen the movie "Miss Potter" illustrating the life of Beatrix Potter in England's Lake District and quite glibly asked if I would build a painting tour for her to lead in this lovely corner of England. She didn't realize that I was thinking of looking into this very region to build a walking tour for Canadian Woman Traveller.


Being on safari is a little surreal. It is the ultimate field trip. All safari's usually begin with a briefing after breakfast before setting out from Nairobi, Kenya or Arusha, Tanzania.

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When one thinks of Africa, they will usually think of a untamed continent with wild animals, thick tropical rainforests, vast barren deserts and a hot and wet climate. Though somewhat true, Africa is so much more than those typical stereotypes!Any idea of the size of Africa? Well Africa is the world's second largest continent spanning 30.2 million sq kms or 11.6 million sq miles with a whopping 61 countries, territories and islands. To put that into perspective it is larger than Canada, the United States, China and Mexico combined!

shutterstock 163501805If you know Rome, you likely know it was built on seven hills but few of us know the names of those hills or the historical stories connected to them. So we have compiled the information below to give some background which will tie into the history of this ancient city.

photography toursAll the ideas here are but a few suggestions of exciting and rewarding holiday ideas that will expand your personal horizons and give you memories that will stay with you forever.

cambodia angkor thom bayonIn AD200 Indian traders followed the monsoon winds eastward to Southeast Asia, where they traded their goods with China, Europe and Champa (modern day Vietnam). Once in the Mekong Delta, they would have to wait up to six months until the winds reversed for passage back to India.